DIY Dentures: The Dangers

The internet and recent quarantines have brought do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, from painting to making your Christmas tree out of a ladder, into the mainstream. Almost three out of four Americans have done at least one DIY project in the past couple of years. The number one reason most people give is to save money. But what about the many online videos that claim to teach you how to make your own DIY dentures? If that seems dangerous to you, you’re right.

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The Dangers of DIY Dentures

Since no anesthesia or surgery are required, it may seem a simple matter to make your own teeth. However, there is much more to a well-fitting, esthetically pleasing, and healthy functioning set of artificial teeth. It is not advisable to buy teeth and other materials that come with instructions on DIY dentures. Below are three of the dangers you are likely to encounter:

1. DIY Dentures Use Inferior Materials

The materials in a DIY denture kit not only look cheap but can also damage your lips, gums, and cheeks. This damage can make it more likely for you to develop an oral infection or allergic response that could require medical attention. In addition, cheap plastics and toxic glues make appliances that can easily break and pose a health threat. Dentures made by your dentist are made of high quality, medical grade, FDA-approved materials that are durable, non-toxic, and esthetically pleasing.

2. DIY Dentures Do Not Look Natural

Dentists study for years to learn the nuances of esthetically pleasing dental restorations and appliances. Small changes in the size, shape, color, and position of one tooth can dramatically affect how natural a denture appears. For example, the color of the gums portion of a denture can be the difference between a natural look and one that is obviously artificial. Without proper training, it is doubtful that you will be pleased with the appearance of a DIY denture. 

3. DIY Dentures Offer Substandard Functionality

There is much more to dentures than some artificial teeth glued to pink plastic. Besides supplying pleasing esthetics, dentures should perform vital functions. You need replacement teeth that enable you to speak, chew food, swallow, and breathe without the denture moving or impairing these critical functions. Your dentist will meticulously fit the denture base to your jaws and place each tooth precisely in its place to allow you to function as normally as possible.

The Better Way

Working with a professional dental lab, your dentist can provide you with a custom-made denture that is guaranteed to be safer, look better, and function better than any DIY denture. In addition, you will have an appliance that can provide years of pleasurable and durable use. In the end, you will likely save time, money, and possibly your health by seeing your dentist for all your oral health needs.

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Although DIY dentures might be trending on social media, you should carefully consider the dangers of this home project. Contact us at Trident Dental to learn how we can help you with every aspect, including payment, to replace your missing teeth.

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