Bicuspid Tooth: Do you have one?

There are many names that describe the teeth in your mouth. These names are often descriptors that help identify where the teeth are in the mouth or what they look like. The bicuspid tooth, for example, is actually a set of two teeth found next to the canine teeth. The bicuspid refers to the two cusps or points in the teeth. To find out what these teeth are for and if you have them, continue reading below. 

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What Are Premolar/Bicuspid Teeth?

The bicuspid teeth are also referred to as the premolars, as they come before the molar teeth which are in the back of the mouth. These teeth erupt between the ages of 12 and 13 as part of your adult teeth. Baby teeth, in general, do not have a set of bicuspid teeth. 

Why Do We Have Bicuspids?

These teeth serve a unique function, as their large chewing surfaces help you bite down and chew on food in a way the front teeth cannot. They are a mixed-function tooth that lies somewhere between functioning as a molar and a canine. For this reason, they are actually the most effective chewing mechanism in your mouth. 

Does Everyone Have Bicuspids?

When you are a child, you will not have these teeth, however, every adult has these sets of teeth in their mouth. They grow early in the teenage years and many dentists will then suggest applying sealants to them. This will reduce the risk of decay developing by nearly 80%, which is a big deal for such useful teeth in your mouth. If you seal them as soon as they develop in the mouth, you can keep them from getting cavities for a long time. 

However, in some circumstances, your dentist may want to remove the bicuspid teeth in your mouth. This is often due to complications when third molars partially erupt or get impacted. This was more commonly done in the past, especially by orthodontists who needed more room in the mouth to align the teeth. 

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